Communication audit


The activity of the corporate group has become more and more sales oriented. Therefore, modernization of communication was needed. The fact that all subsidiaries of the holding had strikingly different communication habits, rules and culture posed a great challenge. Our task was to harmonize them. Another difficulty was the request of the owner to transform internal and external communication. It all meant that during the audit we had to perform an exceptionally complex task.

Our solution

The audit was performed in 3 stages. During the first part, inspection of existing documents, regulations and communication channels in use was performed. It was followed by consultation regarding our findings, based on international practices and examples. Strategic directions for moving forward were identified within the confines of executive workshops. During the final stage, we have planned communication activities for the different companies, based on the executive strategy, and made suggestions concerning the reformation of channels.


Internal and communication regulation documents have been created by the main companies of the corporate group.

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