CSR strategy


The company has been engaged in corporate social responsibility for more than half a century, nevertheless, they were unable to use it consciously in external or internal communication.

Our solution

As a first step, we have compiled their sustainability report, based on international norms. This made it possible for the different organizational units to see what the company had already done, and how they could connect to these pursuits. The strategy for the company, and later for the whole banking group has been compiled afterwards. Data collection has been extended each year; the report is assembled in concordance with the international GRI index. Today, aspects of sustainability are also reflected in the bank's core business, making it one of the leading Hungarian and regional companies in the sector.


The project is among the flagship reports of the country, and has won the Deloitte Green Frog Award. The company has received accolades for being the most socially responsible bank of the year.

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