Renewable strategy for energy company


During those years when we worked for this client, competition increased in the European Union to gain differential support for different renewable technologies. Some of these provided genuine solutions, but environmental (and economical) sustainability of some have not been proven. Our task was to identify arguments, interest groups and provide a public affairs strategy for the company management.

Our solution

A working group has been formed within the company to coordinate the task, managed by us. Considering the engineering, technical, legal, and communication aspects provided by the organizational units, we have elaborated an internal interest map. An external interest map has also been prepared, based on market research, media analysis and the evaluation of international practices. This provided as a basis for a situation assessment and decision support material, devoting particular attention to tasks concerning public affairs and public relations.


Based on the approved strategy document, we have managed to make proposals that were deemed sustainable by the sector (and the client). We have successfully represented these proposals in front of legislative forums of the European Union and the general public, as well.

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