Media monitoring system for automotive sector brand


The company operates in the automotive industry, and represents several brands in Hungary. Their media monitoring has provided quantitative results, yet, contained few qualitative elements. It was important for the client to be able to use the data not for evaluation exclusively, but for planning, as well.

Our solution

Existing media monitoring has been supplemented with a database that has transformed the data into commercially useful information for brand departments. We have also provided an opportunity for qualitative analysis. The efficiency indices we have created have substituted the application of AVE, and made the annual PR work more easy to plan. Later, the system was supplemented with blog and social media analysis. At this time, data-driven analysis was considered exceptionally innovative.


The media analysis system was highly commended within the corporate group. Taking the results of competitors and target groups into consideration, the efficiency of PR tools (trade shows, product tests, press tours) has increased considerably.

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